Hello! My name is Athinodoros and I’m a 52-year-old Greek guy.
I’m just getting starting out with my online business on selling digital products and services and I’ll be sharing all my knowledge with you so you can learn from my mistakes and successes.

I knew absolutely nothing about making money online. All I had was the willingness to learn and my unrelenting passion to be my own boss. Most of the lessons I learned (and still learning) was through a lot of trial and errors. They say the best way to learn something is to teach. And this ultimately is what this website is all about. To simply share with you the knowledge and experience I’ve accumulated (and still accumulating) in my journey to financial freedom, in the hope of somehow helping you in yours.

My Story

After serving for 23 years to the army as an NCO, I knew that is definitely not something I wanted to do for the rest of my life. So I retired.

One day, a friend of mine recommended that I start making money online. The whole idea of making money over the internet seemed like a big SCAM. All the “pop-ups” and pushy advertising in the MMO look unclassy, to say the least, so I was a little bit skeptical that it could actually be done in a more professional way. But he showed me his eBay and Amazon earnings and proved that success is possible.

I started as an eBay and amazon seller and I made some good money. It wasn’t crazy money, but definitely was more than what an average employee would make. Moreover, it gives me the freedom to work online with just my laptop and smartphone. That means I get to choose my own schedule, work from anywhere, and travel the world whenever I want to. All this, without getting tied to a regular 9-5.
Funny enough, I often found myself working 10 hours a day, 7 days a week… and the only reason I am able to do that is because I am actually enjoying doing what I do.

Fast forward to now, I’ve made money online with, dropshipping, print on demand, social media marketing, and affiliate marketing.

Ecommerce is OK, but I want to focus on selling digital products and services.

I won’t pass myself as a know-it-all online expert to sell you get-rich-quick schemes and courses. This is not that kind of site. Everything that you’ll find here is the things I’ve learned. If you haven’t yet made money online (or have but want to make more), then I’m confident this blog will be of great help. If you finally want to start on your journey towards financial freedom and escape the rat race once and for all, then I invite you to stay and learn. If I was able to do it, so can you.

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